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Dental implants procedures



In the modern dentistry, there are various options for replacing a missing tooth or several teeth. Dental implants provide the best choice to conventional treatment of a dental bridge or removable prosthesis, such as a partial or a full denture. For most people dental implants are the best option. One of the principal advantages of dental implants, is that are anchored in bone and act as a tooth root. This means that adjacent teeth are not modified to fill-in the gap and you get an esthetically perfect result, just like your natural teeth. Dental implant will also decrease the stress exerted on adjacent teeth because it absorbs part of the load present during normal chewing. Ultimately it means a more stable bite at a later age and less chance of developing TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) problems. At first sight, Dental Implants treatments could seem to be the most expensive option, however it will be a lasting treatment, which means that you will have healthy mouth and the savings over a lifetime can be substantial.


Dental implants can fill in the gap between natural teeth without the need for modifying the teeth. This eliminates the potential for any post-operative complications such as tooth sensitivity, and potentially the need for root canal treatment. Because a dental implant with a crown act as a separate tooth, oral hygiene technique is the same as for natural teeth.


A surgical placement of a dental implant is the first step in the overall procedure. This part is usually performed by an Oral surgeon. Depending upon the location of implant placement (i.e. front tooth) sometimes a temporary crown can be placed to improve the esthetic appearance. In the case of multiple implants a denture can be used to provide the patient with a pleasing appearance until the dental implants are ready to be restored. These procedures are usually completed by the surgeon.


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