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Periodontics treatment


Metal-free dentistry is an important trend in modern dentistry that has two main objectives: Aesthetics and biocompatibility of dental treatment. In this concept make implant treatment, metal-free fillings and dentures. In this sense the scientific literature shows that the mercury found in amalgam, highly toxic agent, is directly related to the central nervous system disturbances.


Depending on the degree of reactivity of this metal will react more or less with the saliva. The presence of other metals in the mouth as crowns, bridges, fillings, mercury, can cause a corrosive effect even major. The immunological effects of metals "allergy" occur as a result of continued exposure to low concentrations of common metals (also can produce high toxic levels) and is expressed in only a portion of the population, as the allergic reaction "immune "only occurs in immunologically predisposed individuals, in most cases because of genetic conditions. In these cases the indicators of toxicity "lead levels in blood, urine or hair" will be normal, and we go for a diagnostic test that measures the levels of metal, but at the same awareness of immune system cells the patient. Metal free fillings address and resolve the problems we have outlined offering Biocompatibility and Aesthetics.


The production of metal-free prosthetic technology use CAD/CAM. This is a fully automated production machines using powerful computers and high precision milling.


• Increased biocompatibility
• Greater aesthetic
• Produce no discolorations or dark hues of metals
• No corrosion suffered by metals in the mouth
• Do not transmit electricity, no temperature


Zirconium implants represent the new era of modern implantology metal free, and no doubt will involve a before and after, in regard to biocompatibility and aesthetics of dental treatment. Anyone with allergies to metals can now enjoy the benefits of implantology metal free. Due to the emergence of zirconium implant, implants Blancos as they are called, can now be used in highly aesthetic and not have to worry about the darkening of the gums as happened with the old titanium implants. We are proud to introduce and offer our patients the latest advances in implantology.

In Dental Implant make prosthesis free of any metal, both fixed prostheses, which are made of ceramic materials, as in removable made ​​by Valplast systems.


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